Thursday, August 15, 2013

Up All Night with Griffin Mays - Episode 1

Ashley and I have decided to periodically produce a video containing some photos and videos that we have shot of Griffin, to share both his experiences as a newborn as well as our experiences as new parents. Enjoy episode 1!

Thursday, August 8, 2013

Griffin Mays Connelly: Born 8/7/2013 at 3:04am

We did it! Well, Ashley definitely did it, I was just there for support. Pregnant for 264 days, Ashley gave birth to a happy and healthy little boy on Wednesday. We are so tremendously happy! We left our house on 8/6 to head to the hospital, Avista Adventist Hospital in Louisville. We had a planned induction to begin at 7:30am. Prior to heading to the hospital, we went out to breakfast for one last time just the two of us. Afterwards, we headed to Avista. Below is our journey in photos. IMG_4555 IMG_4556 IMG_4562 IMG_4566 IMG_4569 IMG_4574 IMG_4577 IMG_4583 After 17 hours of often intense contractions, the doctor came in and advised us that we would maybe need to do a C-Section. I must say that Ashley getting through those contractions was one of the most amazing things I have ever seen. Every other minute, having intense pain, and not once did Ashley yell in agony or complain about the pain. It was inspiring to see and be a part of. We made the decision to do a C-Section, and the doctors and nurses came in and got Ashley prepared to head into the OR while I put on some scrubs so I could go in as well. IMG_4588 IMG_4591 About 15 minutes after I got in to the room, OUR SON WAS BORN! The doctor's lifted him out and showed him to me. IMG_4601 After taking him out, the nurses quickly walked him over to a nearby table to clean him up. IMG_4604 IMG_4615 IMG_4621 It's a pretty amazing experience being able to cut my son's umbilical chord. IMG_4626 Our lil guy weighed in at a whopping 9lbs! IMG_4636 IMG_4638 IMG_4652 Ashley's first time holding our son. IMG_4656 IMG_4670 IMG_4675 IMG_4683 IMG_4724 IMG_4726 Dr. Spears holding our baby she just delivered. IMG_4730 IMG_4768 A girl who works in the nursery also designs the beanies that are given to newborns. She said she could make us a police car hat, and she hooked us up with this awesome hat. It even has a car number, which is 8713, our son's date of birth. I threw in my badge to complete the look. IMG_4801 Ashley and I had talked about a number of different names, tossing around about three different finalists. On Tuesday morning at breakfast, seemingly out of nowhere, I threw out Griffin. It immediately stuck. Griffin Mays Connelly. We are so excited about this new journey in our lives. Griffin is the perfect addition to our family.

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